From the most basic functions of product identification and to provide information about its use, medical labeling is crucial to the safe and effective use of prescription and non-prescription medicines. Medicines can only provide optimal patient outcomes if properly taken. If the end user is unable to identify the product or understand instructions for its use, the efforts made in the field of development and production, and in the correct diagnosis and appropriate prescription of evidence-based treatment, to no avail. Much is known about what data is important and how they should be represented on the label that would maximize their effectiveness. The problem is that the researchers, health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry have worked together in order to ensure medical quality labeling and the prevention of harm to patients. Understanding how an important part of both the manufacturer and the patient, our company will provide you with an opportunity to provide labeling of any product. The contents of the medical label is dictated by the order of administration of the therapeutic commodity, as well as other legislation such as the Law on competition and consumers. These documents define the minimum standards that must be guided by a manufacturer in the development of labeling. The same law, and we follow with the re-marking of your products.