Licensing is a complex procedure, which includes not only the issuance, renewal and revocation of licenses, obtaining a duplicate or copy of the license, license management affairs registry and monitoring compliance with license conditions, issue orders to eliminate violations of license conditions. More recently, the licensing procedure has changed and become more complex. To collect expert opinions, to prepare a lot of documents and certificates - all this requires a significant investment of time and effort. Not to mention the fact that any errors in the process of registration is fraught with additional financial and time loss, or failure in obtaining a license. We are guaranteed to get your license to:

  • The study drug;
  • Laboratory kits;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Expendable material;
  • Biological samples;
  • The reagents or other materials for clinical trials.

We prepare all the necessary documents and will submit them to obtain a license and thus deprive you of standing in queues and bureaucratic walking on the offices of public institutions.